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Conditions of Purchase

Tickets sold by Whitehorse Tickets are subject to the following conditions. In purchasing a ticket, the patron agrees to abide by these conditions. 

Please read prior to purchasing your tickets.

For further information or to request a PDF copy of our Conditions of Purchase please contact our Box Office on 9262 6555 or email

Conditions of Purchase updated on Tue 24 Jan 2023.  

Standard Conditions of Purchase

Methods of Payment

  • Tickets may be purchased by cash*, Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS. 
  • Cheques made payable to the Whitehorse Tickets are accepted up to 5 business days before the performance.  
  • Payment is required at time of making the booking (except group bookings)

* our off-site performance venues are cashless facilities. 

Methods of Purchase

  • Tickets may be purchased in person at the Box Office, via phone or online.
  • Tickets are valid only when purchased through Whitehorse Tickets authorised sales channels.
  • Whitehorse Tickets reserves the right to cancel and not refund any ticket it reasonably believes has been bought or sold by an unauthorised seller.

Fees and Charges

  • Tickets purchased by telephone and online attract a handling fee (per transaction, not per ticket). 
  • The handling fee does not apply to subscription package purchases or group bookings of 10 or more tickets to the same performance.  
  • Whitehorse Tickets does not charge purchasers any credit card merchant or surcharge fees.  
  • All fees are subject to change.

Refunds and Exchanges

  • There are no refunds or exchanges. 
  • The granting of exchanges and refunds is at the discretion of the Presenter however, under consumer law, a change in the buyer’s personal circumstances does not oblige the Presenter to refund. 
  • Where exchanges and/or refunds are permitted, a fee will be charged to the patron and retained by Whitehorse Tickets.

Ticket Delivery Methods

  • By default, all tickets (other than those booked in person) are either mailed or emailed to the patron.
  • Tickets will be held for collection at the Box Office either by patron request or if a phone/online booking is made within 10 working days of a performance. 

On-Selling of Tickets

  • Tickets must not be on-sold at a premium, packaged with other goods or services, offered as a prize or otherwise used for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes, without the prior written permission of Whitehorse Tickets.  
  • Whitehorse Tickets may cancel tickets or refuse to accept orders which it believes are in breach of this condition.

Event Cancellation

  • In the case of an event or performance cancellation, a refund will be provided to the original ticket purchaser. Tickets purchased from an unauthorised seller will not be refunded by Whitehorse Centre and the purchaser may be at risk of no refund being offered by an unauthorised seller.

Group Bookings

  • Whitehorse Tickets and/or Presenters may offer ticketing discounts for group bookings. 
  • Unless otherwise notified, group bookings (10 or more tickets) may be reserved without payment up until 6 weeks prior to the performance. 
  • Any alteration to a payment date for group reservations is at the discretion of management. Some performances may be subject to a maximum group allocation of 20 tickets as per our Fair Access policy (see below).  

Restricted Viewing

Whitehorse Tickets will advise any known restricted viewing information prior to the purchase of a ticket.

Fair Access

  • In the interests of maintaining fair access to tickets, Whitehorse Tickets may place limits on the number of tickets that a patron can purchase. Whitehorse Tickets reserves the right to cancel and not refund any purchase exceeding those limits.

Lost Tickets

  • Subject to authentication of purchase, and ability to define seats allocated, lost tickets for allocated seating performances will be replaced with either a lost ticket voucher or a reprinted ticket.
  • A patron with lost tickets is still committed to the booked performance. 
  • Lost general admission tickets will not be replaced, nor a voucher given, without the consent of the promoter.


  • Children 2 years of age and older must have a ticket, purchased at the appropriate rate.
  • Children under the age of 2 years may be admitted to the theatre without a ticket, provided they sit on the lap of an adult and do not occupy a seat.
  • Presenters of dedicated children’s performances may require children from the age of 1 year and older to purchase a ticket. This arrangement will be clearly outlined at all points of sale. 


  • The performance will commence promptly at the advertised time.
  • Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance and Whitehorse Tickets reserve the right to relocate seating to minimise disruption. 

Aisles to be Left Clear

  • Standing in the theatre/auditorium is not permitted. 
  • Aisles, passageways and doorways are to be left clear and unimpeded at all times. 
  • Strollers, prams, etc are to be left outside the theatre.


  • Wheelchair spaces have been allocated in each of our venues and with no more than eight wheelchairs permitted in an auditorium during a performance.
  • High back wheelchair locations may be restricted per performance to avoid obstructed viewing.

Photography and Recording

  • Photography, filming, video filming, audio recording and any other means of recording the performance is not permitted as it may breach copyright law.
  • The presenter of the performance may permit recording and if so, a sign will be placed at the theatre entrance. 
  • Flash photography is not permitted under any circumstance for safety reasons and the comfort of all patrons.

Admission and Disruption

  • Whitehorse Tickets reserves the right to refuse admission, or to remove any patron causing disruption to the performance or the enjoyment of other patrons.